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Stay on top of everything! Impress your team and clients with a beautiful file viewer that can preview over formats online. View photos, videos, large documents, presentations, and more. All Jumpshare share links are magical - they work everywhere you do. Integrates with Slack, Hipchat, Jira, Trello, Asana, and hundreds of other apps, enabling you to work faster. Everyone on your team can work on projects in real-time, from any device.

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Rated 4. It is simple, fast, and reliable. This is important because it allows me to time follow up calls. It also helps me immensely when trying to explain bugs to our engineering team. Jumpshare saves me a lot of time and feels like a native part of OS. This is the best file sharing solution we have found that strikes a great balance between usability, speed and price.

This is such an improvement to my daily workflow. Sign up free with Google. By signing up, you agree to our Terms. Login with Google. Remember me Forgot password? Drop an item on to its Dock icon and you can perform various actions on it via a click of a mouse or a keystroke - and like Quicksilver and Spotlight, sends and copies are sped up due to LaunchBar's incremental search. Finally, MoveCM takes a more mouse-centric approach, adding 'move', 'copy', 'archive to' and 'alias to' actions to Finder's contextual menu.

Back to School The Mac is - and has always been - built around mouse actions and drag-and-drop. Quicksilver free Quicksilver is a long-time Mac favourite enables you to drag an item to it and perform all manner of actions via a unique three-pane interface. Learn more about Samepage. File sharing platform that allows users to store and share contacts, photos, videos, presentations, recordings and more.

Learn more about Drive. Dropbox Business is the secure file sharing and storage solution that employees love and IT admins trust. Get started for free today! Learn more about Dropbox Business. Learn more about OneDrive. File transfer solution with elegant backgrounds and customizable emails that can store GB and transfer 20GB of data. Learn more about WeTransfer. The secure file sharing and storage solution built for business. Featuring state-of-the-art, compliance-supporting security. Learn more about ShareFile.

An online file management system that lets you create, store, organize, collaborate and share files securely. Learn more about Zoho Docs. Learn more about eXo Platform. Learn more about Droplr. Web-based storage solution with secure data transfer and iron-clad encryption that keeps your documents safe. Learn more about pCloud Business. The Cleo Integration Cloud keeps ad hoc file sharing easy while allowing for complete control and visibility across all of your data.

Learn more about Cleo. Offers PC server equivalent performance for efficient data sharing and backup. Learn more about DiskStation. SmartFile allows you to securely manage files, control access, and restrict users through granular permissions. Learn more about SmartFile. Clinked offers customised cloud solutions for businesses. Securely share files, communicate with clients and keep track of your tasks.

Learn more about Clinked. The ShareVault virtual data room makes it easy for you to securely share confidential documents with third parties. Learn more about ShareVault. Self-hosted secure file exchange and collaboration technology combining easy cross-platform interfaces with ultimate control over data. Learn more about Nextcloud. Secure, encrypted cloud storage service that lets businesses to store, sync and share confidential documents.

Learn more about Tresorit. Get better security for file sharing. Control files after sending. Learn more about DeliverySlip. Learn more about CompleteFTP. Effectively secures, automates, manages, and protects critical data as well as processes and workflows. Learn more about MOVEit. With over 50 million users and , installations worldwide, ownCloud is the most popular open source file sync and share solution.

Learn more about ownCloud. Learn more about Creativity Learn more about Digital Pigeon. Learn more about SmartVault.

Why Capterra is Free

Cloud storage platform that helps businesses with data archiving, online backup, remote access, encryption, file sharing and more. Learn more about HiDrive. Secure, control and track documents wherever they go. Learn more about BlackBerry Workspaces. Fast, Friendly and Flexible brand centric digital asset management for marketing teams. Learn more about Brandkit. Win back time and increase productivity. The easy to use document management and unique workflow solution chosen by leading companies. Learn more about R2 Docuo. Process images in real-time and deliver results through a Content Delivery Network for faster page load.

Learn more about tiny. Smart, configurable cloud that allows unlimited users and bandwidth, coupled with enterprise-grade security and performance. Learn more about BrickFTP. File sharing application that allows businesses to download up to GB of data at a time and share files as big as 10 GB. Learn more about SendSpace. Securely transfer files that are too big to fit into an email attachment. Plans start at 25GB for a low cost Starter option. Learn more about SendThisFile. Online file storage and sharing for individuals and businesses. Learn more about FilesAnywhere. Virtual fileserver that enables both online and offline document management built specifically for small businesses and consultants.

Learn more about Nomadesk. A tablet application used by executives to securely receive, annotate, and collaborate using documents distributed to them. Learn more about Dossiere. Premium Security. Serving CPAs for 15 Years! Learn more about ICFiles. Learn more about DropSend. Send encrypted email and attachments to any email address, without frustrating recipients with passwords. Learn more about Encyro. Online document sharing solution that helps businesses create a private workspace to share documents and files with multiple users.

Learn more about Ftopia. Online photo catalog with tagging, sharing and much more we make sure you get the full potential. Learn more about Gaia. Learn more about MediaFiler. The titan secure business hub and intelligent work platform for lawyers, businesses and professional services. Learn more about Safelink. File syncing, sharing, and versioning system that helps to organize and restore files any time and anywhere.

Learn more about Seafile. Abstract is the design workflow management system that lets you manage, version, and collaborate on Sketch files. Learn more about Abstract. Turns your own website into a private file sharing service. It's an affordable self hosted DAM digital asset management tool. Learn more about FileRun. Secure file sharing software with end to end encryption for peace of mind when collaborating on sensitive documents. Learn more about TeamDrive.

Cloud solution that offers secure file sharing for business hosted in the Netherlands. Learn more about vBoxxCloud. Learn more about WordSecure Messaging. Learn more about DriveHQ. Filesharing software for local area networks with features like fast searching, automatic peer detection, and rich user interface. Learn more about Lanshark. Secure enterprise file sharing software with end to end encryption to store, synchronize, distribute and manage your sensitive data. A fully integrated Practice Management software suite for Accounting Professionals and other professional service providers.

Learn more about ImagineTime.

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Solution that allows you to share live data between desktop MS Excel spreadsheets from anywhere in the world. Learn more about iPushPull.

Best Android file transfer Mac software working in

A work communication tool to help creatives share their files, screenshots, screen recordings, and collaborate with team and clients. Learn more about Jumpshare. Cloud-based solution that helps users upload and share huge files with drag-and-drop option and shareable URLs. Learn more about Let's Crate. Media Shuttle is the easiest and most reliable way to transfer any size file, anywhere.

Transfer large files using Media Shuttle today.

The fastest way to share on Mac

Learn more about Media Shuttle. Enables streamlined collection of personal, financial, and otherwise sensitive documents to keep your business moving. Learn more about Pipefile. A simple, effective and secure way to transfer or share files of any size. Learn more about SKyDrop. Sunshine creates your own personal network of connected devices and enables you to instantly access, stream and share files. Learn more about Sunshine.

Send large files - it's fast, easy and secure : Transfer your photos, videos and big files of up to 20 GB per transfer to your contacts Learn more about TransferNow. Send large files - it's fast, easy and secure : Transfer your photos, videos and big files of up to 20 GB per transfer to your contacts. Learn more about Zuppudy. We have the file sharing tools you need to scale your business.

And we're built to scale with you. Learn more about ExaVault. File sharing platform that helps businesses with file submission and workflow, with full transfer and tracking capabilities. Learn more about FileCatalyst Workflow. A portal application that can be used by any company to share files securely, store documents, collect files, and manage permissions.

Learn more about FileShare. Cloud file storage platform that allows you to save and upload files in total security. Learn more about hubiC. Software with drag-and-drop and file folder interface that helps share encrypted files and folders with other authorized users. Learn more about Symantec File Share Encryption. Secure file sharing and collaboration solution Learn more about iManage Share.

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Secure file sharing and collaboration solution. A B2B platform to ensure an effective exchange of business documents. Learn more about B2Bi. Share encrypted files across all of your platforms. Keep your data safe! Learn more about BeSafe. Learn more about bigfile. Learn more about Binfer. In a simple and fast way, send you sensible data with full confidentiality Learn more about BlueFiles.

In a simple and fast way, send you sensible data with full confidentiality. Security platform to upload, create, share and work on data. Purposely designed for organizations that need to protect sensitive files. Learn more about BooleBox. File sharing and sync tool with file locking, multi-tenant management, and remote drive mapping capabilities. Learn more about CentreStack. Share videos, files, and documents using file sharing solution with drag and drop technique.

Learn more about Cloudup. Provides a secure way for you to share personally or commercially sensitive data compliant with GDPR. Learn more about Compliant File Share. Send your files around the world. Share large files up to 3GB for free. Learn more about cubetransfer. File sharing system, accessible in a local area network and including distributed transfers, indexed search, and global chatting.

Learn more about D-LAN. Learn more about DatAnywhere.

Documents hosted for enterprises, big companies and professionals. A centralized system of document management. Learn more about Dataprius. Send files through a safe, private, and encrypted link that automatically expires to ensure your stuff does not remain online forever. Learn more about DeepTransfer. A file sharing solution that automates, integrates and controls secure file transfers to any endpoint. Learn more about Diplomat Managed File Transfer.

Learn more about Dockit Migrator. Sync and exchange files securely either online or through encripted emails. Keeping it simple, secure, and available anywhere for millions in the cloud. Learn more about DocumenTree. Upload Screen Shots, Files, literally anything to your favorite hosting provider and share it immediately with anyone. Learn more about Dropshare. A secure team collaboration and document sharing platform. Learn more about Dropvault. Lightweight and easy-to-use CAD drawing viewer software that opens large drawings within seconds and has function drawing compare, etc.

Easily upload and download files via online file sharing system, that includes bulletin board system and supports for SSL encryption. Provides a highly interactive environment for publishing and distributing an organization's public documents across the Internet.